As a true Diva, Punta del Este becomes even more attractive over time. Its long coastline with many beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery that its coast offers in every sunset, forests with the aroma of pine and eucalyptus that excites your senses, this wonderful city has what´s necessary to compete against other exclusive destinations: year after year tourists from all over the world choose to spend their holidays here. The famous La Barra is an emblematic neighborhood of Punta del Este. With a varied cuisine offered by charming restaurants, international clothing stores, decor sites, art galleries, cafes, ice cream parlors, bars and nightclubs, La Barra is THE place to go when returning home from the beach and when the night falls. And it is in this exclusive hood of La Barra where Los Abriles is located at, a nice and super comfortable house on two floors all recently renovated, with a gallery, barbecue area, swimming pool, garden and a private house in the outer area. Located about 100 meters from the main street of La Barra, you can experience the tranquility and relaxation of the environment without losing the “move” when the night falls. Los Abriles is close to the fashionable beaches Posta del Cangrejo, Montoya and Bikini. The quality and style of Los Abriles and its prime location make this house the ideal place for your holiday in Punta del Este.